Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chemo is Forever

I’m done with chemo, but it’s not done with me. It’s been almost three years since I finished chemotherapy for triple-negative breast cancer. But the effects linger on.

I don’t really mind the hair thing. Before chemo my hair was fine and straight.  Now it is extra fine and a little wavy. That’s good. It is also very thin which is not so good but it is livable.

What really irritates me is the lasting effect of Taxol on my taste buds. My sense of taste has never got back to where it was.  The worst part is that there are some days when everything tastes bitter – all day.  Bitter breakfast cereal is a bummer. Some days everything is pretty bland. What I don’t understand is why this comes and goes. 

Obviously this is not truly a problem; it is just an irritation that I want to rant about today.  I’ve been cancer free for three years so I can’t complain, but it does bug me so I kvetch a little.

End of rant.

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