Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dreams vs. Reality

Originally published October, 2008

We had big plans when we began this adventure. We were going to sail the South Pacific visiting all the wonderful islands. We'd circumnavigate Australia. We'd continue heading west going around Africa's Cape of Good Hope, cross the Atlantic and finally end up in the Caribbean and back in the US after as many years as necessary to see all we wanted to see. It sounded wonderful - it still does.
But we've come to realize that we won't do that. Perhaps if we'd started 10 or 15 years earlier it would have been achievable. But now we simply don't have the energy and stamina to undertake an expedition of that magnitude.

Well, one of the most important characteristics of our lifestyle is flexibility. Circumstances change as new information becomes available and new plans get developed. So the reality is that we'll stay in the western Atlantic and the Caribbean and that's not exactly hardship. There are a lot of islands to explore and we'll try to get to some different ones every year. Maybe not as ambitious as the original dream,
but there's plenty of adventure to be had in our own hemisphere.

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